About Us

Weston Fable started out as a guitar boogie that Keiron wrote, punning on the name of an area of Northampton, where he was born. Louise liked the music and also thought the title would make a great name for an art shop. Louise and Keiron love art and the act of creating it nearly as much as they love each other. They also love how some of their favourite artists: Robert & Sonia Delauney, Lee Krasner & Jackson Pollock worked, lived and painted together. They hope you enjoy your visit.

Louise Verity:

I’m inspired by the great colour field painters, abstract expressionists and the impressionists. When I stand in front of a painting I love in a gallery, I feel a connection to all the other people that love that painting. I feel like we’re all the reason it’s there. I love bringing colours together as a way of evoking this experience. instagram.com/louiseverityart

Keiron Farrow:

Painting started for me in 1989/90, with the sleeve of The Stone Roses first album which their guitarist, John Squire painted and designed in the style of Jackson Pollock...

I have come to understand that what I paint is the interplay of the wider world I inhabit and my internal landscape. The delicate balance between them stirs a sequence of sensations: mainly ecstatic, sometimes horrific. These cause a colour collision, in which I find self revelation, bliss and ultimately freedom. Also, and perhaps most importantly, painting is the purest joy I possess. instagram.com/keironfarrow